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What Our Patients Have To Say

"Dr. Braga is one of only a few dentists in the country who is also a sleep specialist, that is, a dentist who deals with oral causes and treatments for such things as bad snoring and sleep apnea.  She was very thorough in her evaluation, and works together with various hospital sleep centers.  If you are looking to sleep better, there are oral appliances you can be fitted for to realign your jaw at night so the tongue does not slide back during sleep and cause apnea and choking."
Stacy N.

"My wife goes to Cahill Dental Care PA for general dentistry. I saw Dr. Braga for a breathing problem in November. She gave me a lot of information on a person to person level. Dr. Braga was very knowledgeable and engaged in a professional manner."
Beth N.

"My wife is so pleased that Dr. Braga has stopped my snoring completely. Not only did she explain my sleep study to me better than the doctors at the sleep clinic but now my night appliance is successfully treating both my sleep apnea and my headaches. I am thrilled not to have to wear a CPAP machine any longer.”
– Eric C.

"Dr. Braga was the first one to notice that my oral tissues might be causing sleep apnea. She told my wife to keep track of my snoring and we soon discovered that I have sleep apnea. My treatment is going well and I am grateful for her intervention.”
– Ted M.

"Dr. Braga is my preferred dentist. I have been going to Cahill dental and Dr. Braga for 20 years.  I was terrified of dentists- it was my children’s pediatric dentist that referred me to Dr. Braga because of her compassion and talent. Simply put- she is d*** good at what she does with no pain!  I highly recommend her."

"Dr Braga has the best bedside manner and ability to educate her clients. She is superlative in her treatment, communication and excellent diagnosis. She is THE most knowledgeable, and skilled educator and practitioner I have met in a dentist.  She has an uncanny ability to understand and diagnose all things teeth, mouth and gums while doing so with a casual and fun manner. I love the sense of safety that she has so much experience and skill but is comfortable referring to a specialist if she thinks it is warranted. You will learn much about your teeth. tongue, and mouth from her consult. She is reasonable about options and is willing to take the time to assist or explain.  The work she does is excellent and her manner is professional.  This is all done in a unique and beautiful dental building in Inver Grove Heights, MN. She is truly concerned about the best for your health and is more capable of discussing health from many angles than I have seen in another dentist."
Jan W.

"The staff is so friendly and caring and I was really impressed with the computer system set up and how the staff is employing it. It's a very pleasant experience - they are skilled and professional and I am very happy that I found this dental clinic. The office is beautiful and supports a very relaxed experience with big windows and lovely landscaping. It supports many different kinds of dental services so you may find all of your dental care needs in one location - different doctors/one location."
Amy L.

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Cahill Dental Care

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